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Active ImageI have a dream. I imagine a world  where  people  everywhere  understand  that  deep  down  we  humans  are  all  the  same. From  village  to  metropolis  we  all  strive  for  happines. and  hope to  find joy for ourselves and  those  we  are  close to. This may seem  like  a  strange  discussion  for  an  animation  magazine, but  my  dream  is  about   creating  content for  fi Im,  television, web  and  games, that can change  the  world and bring us all closer together.

Active ImageIn the 1960s the Children’s Television Workshop in New York revolutionized TV. They created “Sesame Street,” the most successful show in the history of the medium, and showed people of different races, religions and economic classes playing together. They also brought a special form of pre-school education to the world. I believe the time is right for a new revolution.We at PalaFlicks present “Earthlings.”

“Earthlings” is a theme based interactive educational entertainment experience that’s a TV series, website, mobile content and games. Our story starts when four animated aliens from different planets come to Earth and meet four live-action children from all over the world. Together they play games of cooperation, sing, dance, do yoga, meditation and have great adventures while exploring fantastic themes. The show is interactive so instead of just watching kids will be doing and learning all the time.  

The characters, both Aliens and Earthlings, are fun and friendly each bringing their special talents to people of all ages. “Kitty” is a singer and dancer from the planet Sonachak. “Eddie” is a yoga and meditation teacher who shares exercises from all over the galaxy. “Vroom” is a scientist who is only six years old. “Duniya” looks like a human little girl, but she’s has magical powers, changes colors and knows great games. The “Earthlings” are children representing the whole world. They are: “Jam” an intellectual who’s modest, but she’s also gullible often responding wide-eyed with, “Really?!”   “Fred” is an artist who is a shy worrier. He finds beauty everywhere. “Ashtee” is a peppy athlete. She’s strong, curious, optimistic.. .always saying “Let’s do it!” “Ping” is an actor. He’s funny, but absent-minded due to his fantastic day dreaming.    

What makes “Earthlings” different is that we start with a simple world view: “One Planet, One People.” Our  friendly visitors from outer space, and most children, understand that despite the differences of language, culture, religion, economics, geography, skin color? politics, and much more, that we ALL are “Earthlings.” We often talk about how small the world is, but the implications go beyond instantaneous communication and high speed transportation that can take us to any part of the planet in a single day. We are becoming global neighbors and that is changing how we think about each other. I believe that we are at an amazing point in human history and that we have a tremendous opportunity. Kids all over the world are using the internet to make friends across the planet. Imagine how different things can be when the current and future generations grow up with friends all over Earth. I want to be a part of that change. With “Earthlings” kids everywhere will cooperatively play together both watching the show and using the web.

Fritjof Capra in his groundbreaking book “The Tao of Physics” wrote about how modern science finally understands the holistic views of the universe that the ancient philosophies of Asia and the Subcontinent have valued for thousands of years. The metaphors of mythology and the lessons of yoga: oneness, cooperation, caring for nature and each other can be brought to a worldwide audience in engaging and educational ways. “Earthlings” will explore different ideas with the goal to empower children to think for themselves with open minds.

Themes for the show will range from comical to serious, but always presented entertainingly to make it fun, interactive and thought provoking. Some of the episodes are: “You, Me & We” about how we are all unique, yet the same; “Pitch In” about caring for the environment; “We & Oui” exploring language and “We are a Rainbow” dealing with the differences in everyone’s skin color.

Active ImageIn keeping with the international theme of the show the production continues to bring together more and more people from all over Earth. I am from Los Angeles, my wife is Bengali and my daughter is born in Goa where we all live. The project was part of the X | Media | Lab in Mumbai where we had input from great minds like Shekhar Kapur, Matt Costello and others. The initial character designs were done by Emmanuel Flossie and Julien Coffin in the UK and Australia. Scott Evans in the UK did new characters and some redesign to get exactly the look I wanted. Magical “Elephant Island” where the action takes place was created by Luigi Marini in Italy. Modeling and texturing has been completed by a talented young team called Animessiahs in Delhi. I have been writing lyrics and with an amazing singer/songwriter Rommel Carrera in the Philippines we have already finished ten songs for the show. For the English version we have Gary Gillett and Carrie Gibson in the US already doing voices. The newest edition to the team is the web design company iGoa from Turkey who has relocated operations to India and is working on a social networking site connected to “Earthlings” and also designed the art on the cover of the magazine. We have a world famous choreographer on our team, but that news will be released soon. There has been work and other assistance from all over India and other parts of the world.

So I ask you: “Do You Want to Change the World?” If so feel free to contact Pala Flicks at info@palaflicks.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. See you soon Earthlings!

 -Greg Acuna

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