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Duniya Mamunia is a Windian little girl from the planet Peace (really pronounced Pea-zzz.)  She ten years old, but looks like a human child of five, though on her planet she’s already quite independent.  Windys have magical powers and Duniya often uses hers to be playfully mischievous as well as thought provoking.  She’s three and half feet tall, weighs about 22 kilos and frequently her skin, hair, eyes and cloths change colors.  She has her own spaceship which has a huge two-way video screen that allows the group to communicate with children all over Earth.

Duniya’s parents are Master Gamesmiths and she loves playing cooperative games.  Her magical practical jokes are always friendly and often enlightening.  She studied Earth for long time always fascinated by the similarities and difference to her own world.  After years of cajoling her communal family of 56 adults and 27 voting age children agreed to let her go visit her favorite planet.  She visited a few other places on the way picking up her old friends Kitty and Eddie who she met on Peace, as well as Vroom, the son of a family friend.

Duniya laughs easily, but becomes very quiet, almost sad, when thinking deeply.  She looks at life like it’s a game and is regularly heard exclaiming, “Let’s play!”  She also is often heard giggling and saying “Only joking” when other realize it’s her magic that has turned everything topsy-turvy.

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