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Eddie ThinkingEddie Zweebil, metaphysician, meditation and yoga teacher from the planet Zarbul.  Her real name is pronounced Eeeedeeedeee-eee.  She’s 22 years old, six feet tall and on Earth weighs 150 kilos, but doesn’t look it, it’s just that Zarbullians are atomically very dense.  She is a high energy girl, often “hyper,” bouncing around, talking fast, but settles down quietly to gracefully do yoga or meditation.  She teaches exercises and relaxation techniques from many parts of the galaxy.  She can bend and stretch into in all directions often joking with students by tying herself into knots.

From childhood Eddie studied with an old sage in her home village of Tweenee.  At the age of fifteen she happily moved into a remote part of the Southern Jungle to spend three years meditating and making friends with the shy jungle animals.  Though quite content alone she decided it would be interesting to travel around and meet as many different beings as possible.  After several years traveling she met up with her old friend Duniya on Kitty’s home planet of Sonachak and joined her expedition to Earth.

Eddie is friendly from the heart though it’s sometimes difficult to get her attention because she concentrates deeply.  When she realizes someone is trying to talk to her she usually jumps up saying in her often repetitive style, “What I miss?  What I miss?”  She lives in the moment which makes her seem absent-minded and forgetful.  Her favorite saying is:  “Here and now, kids.  Here and now.”

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