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iGOA has partnered with Pala Flicks to create a one of a kind social networking website connected to “Earthlings” that will bring children from around the world together for cooperative fun. 

iGOA is a digital creative agency serving brands in Turkey and India.  We give a wide range of services covering all the digital media.  We are a team of award-winning industry-recognized interactive professionals with unique skills.

What is more unique is the foundation of our company.  iGOA employees work in which office they would choose to work; beachfront Goa, India or “now so hot” city of Istambul madness.  During time, more project offices and retreats will be opened around the globe and our workers will be able to travel and live on company expense and get exposed to different cultures to boost their creativity and happiness.  (We even provide the scooter.)

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