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Julien created the original design for the "Earthlings" character "Eddie.  He is a 25 year old 3D artist presently living in the Gold Coast, Australia. He has been using 3D software for around 4 years now. He started using 3D Studio Max that he discovered during my diploma of Multimedia, and I instantly fell in love with computer generated visual effect. Born and raised in New-Caledonia with a double nationality (French-English), he decided after finishing my studies to move to Australia.

After working 3 Years with 3D Studio Max on different personal projects trying to better myself in different areas like modeling, texturing and animation, I got the opportunity to work for a great man “David Gould” on his short animated movie “Awaken”, but for that I had to forget about 3DS Max and had to learn Maya which is a great software. So for the last 6 months I worked as a character animator which was the best experience I had so far in this industry.

My passion still stays in the modeling, creating different cartoonish or realistic characters, which is where Greg Acuna managed to find me, and found his character “Eddie” that will be a great amount of fun in “Earthlings”.

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