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Kitty Arms CrossedDoctor Professor Catrusian Maomao Green is a singer and dancer from the Planet Sonachak with seventeen degrees in music and dance from around the galaxy.  He looks like a kitten, but is in fact 362 years-old, which isn’t that ancient since Catrusians usually live to over a thousand.  Besides his musical abilities he’s an excellent mimic and impersonator often creating wild voices and characters.

Kitty is four and half feet tall, from his feet to the top of his ears, though seems taller because of his tentacles.  Catrusians all have from two to several tentacles that have changing lights on their tips and can project words and images directly from the brain up to several feet around them.  Kitty only weighs 10 kilos and has trouble with Earth’s gravity which isn’t strong enough to keep him on the ground without the help of his spacesuit.  He has a button on his tummy that adjusts things and allows him to float about sometimes swimming though the air.

Kitty comes from a family of famous performers including artists, actors, musicians, singers and dancers.  He himself is one of the foremost entertainers in his solar system which includes five planets populated by many races from around the galaxy.  He’s extremely emotional, but isn’t bothered because his credo is:  “Embrace everything.”

On Earth he seems to have a song for every situation and combines music with dances that intermix styles from many different places.  His musical numbers usually start when he says, “That reminds me…”  The music begins, his tentacles project the words and he teaches everyone a new dance.

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