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Luigi (nickname raffyraffy) has created the amazing "Elephant Island" where the majority of the action of "Earthlings" will take place. He says:  "I was born in previous millenium, in far away 1957, therefore I am a man of the past! But now I live in this new future millenium, in a small suburban town near Rome, in Italy, with my wife and ours 3 sons.  I have studied nuclear physics to the scientific high school. However my job has always concerned the informatics of businiss, as analist-programmer. I have knowledge of midrange systems as: IBM-AS/400 and BW-SAP/data-warehouse."

Since 1995 I begun to manage my first PC and jointly was born my love for 3D graphics and at once I was interested to make sceneries and landscapes. This interests has olden origin, it rise by my love for the cinema. I  like narrate tales with  pictures. So, what better of  re-create 3D digital environments, and start from it? In absolute, my first 3D program was 3dstudio 3, but when I have known the first lean landscape generator: vistapro, I have understood what my 3D target was. The second, more important "hook", has been Animatek World Builder, the first true 3D landscape generator, which worthy this name. So, step by step, I have handled all this kind programs, such as: "Bryce",   "3D Construction Set", "Terragen" and so on. At that time, I quickly have also seen "Vue d’Esprit 2", but I don’t keep very shocked by it. Instead, I was "hunderstruck" by its heir "Vue d’Esprit 3". Since then, I have adopted this lovable landscape generator as my basic program. Its strength points have always been: power features and easiness to use. Since version 5 of Vue, I take part, with  E-on  software (maker of Vue), in the beta-testing fase of the product.

I have begun to play with 3D graphics and Vue, as all of us, for hobby, but in the time I have had contacts with people of professional sectors, in special way of small video-games and advertising company, so I have been able to form me a little, but meaningful, skill with methods of work

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