Pala Press Release Feb 12 2008

Pala Flicks sets out to Make a Difference

Content Development Company asks:   “Do You Want to Change the World?”

Goa, India, February 12, 2008:  Pala Flicks Pvt. Ltd. has been established by a Los Angeles Writer/Director now living in Goa to produce socially conscious content for television, films, web, and interactive media.  Pala, the paradise of Aldous Huxley’s book “Island,” is the budding dream of Greg Acuna.  The company plans on reaching out to creators around the planet in an effort to forge cooperation, artistic vision and hope for our world.

Pala’s first project is “Earthlings” a TV series with the subtitle “One Planet, One People that will integrate animation and live action into a unique educational entertainment experience.  The project is to be developed in India for worldwide distribution.   The cross platform show is for pre-teens and will empower children to think for themselves with open minds.  Kids ages 6 to 11 who have grown up as pre-schoolers using multimedia education need a new level of sophistication in educational television.  Through repetition kids will learn and perfect new games, dances, songs and exercises.  The huge backlash against violence in programming for children makes it a perfect time for this type of content.

The first animation tests for “Earthlings” have been well received and can be seen on the company’s website at:  The project has been a part of the X-Media-Lab ( and a finalist at the NASSCOM “Super Pitch” and there is interest from various companies, both in India and abroad.  Greg Acuna has been a speaker and judge at several India based events over the past year and has been featured in the animation press including “Animation Reporter” and “Animation Today.”  All press articles can be read on the Pala website.

Pala Flicks is currently forming key production and distribution partnerships as well as raising financing to produce the “Earthlings” series.  The company will be attending MIPTV in Cannes in April to sell the multicultural show to various television channels around the world.  The company’s next project is an animated feature film call “The Golden Flame” a completely different superhero story that fits in with the world changing philosophy of the company.

Greg Acuna grew up in Los Angeles and attended USC where he earned his BA.  He received his MA in Playwriting from San Francisco State.  He has written/directed one produced feature film, co-scripted two others, and been a script doctor on a number of projects.  Other accomplishments include several productions of his plays, poetry published in four countries, composing songs, directing music videos, writing articles, designing commercial graphics, illustrating picture books for children and last year he completed writing a literary novel.   He has taught screenwriting at the university level and been a consultant for Paramount Pictures, Exchange Cubed, Arthur Anderson and CNA.  Greg has traveled the world extensively having lived in quite a few countries.  He moved to India in 2001.

Pala Flicks can be reached at or by writing

Download : Pala Press Release Feb 12 2008.pdf (18KB)

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