Planet Earthlings

Observatory_in_EnvironmentAnimated aliens come to Earth and introduce Earthlings kids to a universe of fun and learning.   Planet Earthlings is the next generation of websites for Tweens (six to twelve year olds.)  It is a unique approach of combining two highly successful areas of the online space: virtual worlds and social networks.  The Earthlings Universe will be empowering, easy to use, with a beautiful design encompassing games, learning, meeting with friends and creative tools for an exceptional value to users.

It is not enough to offer a “time pass” web experience to kids.  All content on Planet Earthlings will have to live up to the core educational values of the Earthlings Universe.  Key to this are the four C’s:  communication, creativity, cooperation and collaboration.  This innovative approach will be more engaging for kids and offers the opportunity of significant parental support and media coverage.

Trading_CardMost virtual worlds for Tweens lack both story and context which are key to creating an immersive experience.  Earthlings has been created as a special universe with strong characters, an ever expanding narrative and an overall sense of purpose which can build a strong relationship with users.

Kids will create their online character as an alien avatar, build their personal spaceship to navigate the Earthlings Universe and set off for adventures around the galaxy to play, learn, create, share, collaborate and make friends.  Planet Earthlings will also include user generated and appropriate

3rd party content allowing the site to grow quickly and become an edutainment hub for Tweens.

Child safety will be a top priority being dealt with by a combination of traditional and innovative approaches.  Planet Earthlings will create a child friendly environment and earn the trust of parents.

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