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Scott Evans and team redesigned the initial "Earthlings" characters and then created "Duniya" and "Vroom."  Evansvisualarts was born many years ago when as children myself, Scott Evans, and my brother Antony Evans would draw in competition against each other, each struggling to gain the title of best artist in the house hold. As the years went by we began to work together but our artistic pathways parted. While I continued to concentrate on my traditional skills, Ant decided 3D design was the route he found most pleasing. Eventually the decisions was made that we should combine our various skills and form the design business that is now Evansvisualarts. Now we pride ourselves as being versatile artists who work with clients worldwide to create tailored designs, all uniquely fashioned for each project we work on.

I was pleased to be contacted by Greg Acura from Pala Flicks early in 2007 with his project Earthlings. Offered such rich characters, the task of character design was a pleasure. We wish Pala Flicks all the success with Earthlings and we very much look forward to seeing the series soon.

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