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Vroom Smiling at CamA six year old scientist from a planet whose name is unpronounceable by humans, but means “Time Story” when translated.  His species, the TeeMees, are unique in the universe.  They have the ability to understand scientifically how things work by simple observation.  Some believe it is a special telepathy, while others feel that TeeMees can see at the atomic level, either way they’re geniuses.  They have four legs, four arms, and the top two arms come together to form wings.  They have eyes on all four sides and one long one that can look in all directions.  Vroom is small for his age at about eight feet long and a little more than five feet tall when standing (not including his top eye.)

TeeMees don’t go to school.  They learn everything through observation and experience.  The current intergalactic trip is a rite of passage for six year old TeeMees.  The last thing his father whispered in his ear was, “Look around.  All around.”  Which could be taken as the central goal of his voyage which is to look at everything from different views.

Vroom is thoughtful, busy observing things, often changing his view.  He has what seems like a “strange” sense of humor due to his taking things literally and sometimes laughs at odd times.  He loves flying and gets a special thrill from the Earth’s atmosphere.  His favorite sayings are:  “On the other hand…” while considering different sides of an idea, and “Actually…” when explaining things.  He guides everyone on cool scientific adventures looking at the world in fun and unexpected ways.

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