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“90 % of kids believe it’s important to help others or give back to their communities”
     Kids as a Force of Positive Social Change Study

“The problem right now is there are very few outlets available to them.”
     George Carey, CEO Just Kid

PPlanet Earthlings Posterlanet Earthlings is a space themed Virtual World for kids that will combine cooperative gaming, collaborative apps and tools for youngsters to learn and make friends all over the globe. The dream is that if you bring kids together for cooperative and collaborative educational fun we can empower children to change the world.

We are currently creating a social network for the development process that will bring together kids, parents, different advisers and our development team to discuss and share ideas on how to build something truly unique and powerful for youngsters. The children will be “Kidvisers” and will get rewards for taking part and even reporting on other worlds, games and apps telling us what they like and don’t like.

There is a big part of the project that is open source. The front-end of the world is going to be open source so that people, companies or organizations who want to create a planet in our universe that is compatible with the overall philosophy of what we’re doing will be able to do it. We are also looking for open source games and apps that can be used in world.

Pala Flicks previously produced the pilot episode of “Earthlings” a revolutionary TV  show combining animation and live-action into an educational entertainment experience that is interactive and empowering.

Click to download Earthlings TV poster (3MB PDF) – Note: Art has old contact info


The world is getting smaller.  If we encourage youngsters to play together cooperatively and learn about different cultures they will grow up with friends all over Earth and the world will be more peaceful, greener and livable.

In the TV pilot four animated aliens come to Earth and meet four live-action children.  Together the aliens and Earthlings play games of cooperation, explore the world, sing, dance, exercise and have wonderful adventures.

Sample Image

Casting and principal photography for the pilot episode of the show was done in Los Angeles with Mia Frampton, Alec Hanna, Jadzia Pittman and Sonny Rodriguez playing the live-action kids and voice actors Carrie Gibson and Gary Gillett performing the aliens.  Animation services for the pilot were provided by Frameboxx Animation in Mumbai.

Animation Today – “Earthlings” appeared on the cover magazine, which includes the article about how the project is trying to change the world called, “Earthlings – The Dream

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